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#1 choice in cincinnati multifamily investing

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At SNS Capital Group, we are a private equity investment firm that specializes in creating wealth through real estate, with a focus on acquiring and operating large apartment communities. We have conducted millions of dollars in real estate transactions, including the $150 million portfolio that we currently own and operate. With each acquisition, we strategically add value to maximize returns. Using asset management systems we have built over the years, we meticulously manage and influence the value of our investments in many ways larger equity firms cannot. We are committed to utilizing these strategies to develop and grow relationships with our clients and assist them in reaching their investment goals. 



Geographic Focus

By having our entire portfolio in Cincinnati, OH, we have become experts in the market. This leads to stronger relationships with brokers and other vendors in the local market, maximizing our economy of scale.

Transparent Communication

We provide transparency to our investors by laying out a detailed business plan prior to acquisition, followed by detailed quarterly reports and periodic updates as needed, which can be reviewed anytime on their investor portal.

Property-Type Focus

By focusing on B & C class garden-style properties, we reduce the impact of market downturns, which tend to affect A-class properties most. This also allows us to have expertise with that specific resident base and construction style.

Vertical Integration

We not only acquire and manage the overall portfolio, our affiliate company acts as property manager and oversees the day-to-day operations. This allows us to have more control over the property's performance.

Value-Add Potential

We produce strong returns through properties where we can increase income through property upgrades and identifying supplemental income sources, while decreasing expenses by eliminating operating inefficiencies.

Long-Term Perspective

We typically underwrite our deals with a hold length of 5-10 years. With a long-term hold projected, this allows us the flexibility to work around market cycles and not be forced to exit in the middle of a short-term market downturn.


Cash Flow

We target properties that generate cash flow, producing 

strong cash-on-cash returns throughout the investment. This allows us to achieve a higher IRR for our investors with less dependence on property appreciation.

Conservative Underwriting

As we underwrite potential deals, we utilize conservative estimates and assumptions, such as inflation, vacancy, and exit cap rates, in our models, which result in conservative projected returns that we are confident to achieve or exceed.



Thank you for your interest in SNS Capital Group. To learn more about SNS and any future passive investment opportunities, please complete the form below to get in touch with us and we will contact you as soon as possible. We look forward to the opportunity to work together in helping you achieve your real estate goals.

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